Does salt kill fleas

Does salt kill fleas? Under the right circumstances and I’d used correctly,yes salt will kill fleas. Like ordinary table salt it has properties that make it absorb moisture as if it where a sponge. This is one of the key features that allow it to kill fleas. The other is salt is made up of tiny crystals that are very sharp to the touch on a microscopic level. Far smaller than what we are able to see with our eyes. If a flea happens to come in contact with a single grain of salt. The jagged edges dig into the flea exoskeleton ,thus ripping open a wound that the animal will bleed to death in a very short time. Their larvae will be affected the same way, but you have to move the salt to them in order to kill them. A broom sweeping back and forth on the cart pet or rug will do a suitable job.
does salt kill fleas fastThe salt need in order to complete this task is like table salt,but you need a very fine grain or powder like salt. It needs to be more like baking soda instated of salt you would put on your dinner. Which brings up the next step. Getting it out of your carpet. You will need a good vacuum cleaner, as it will be put to the test. The slat powder is very difficult to pick up. As it is very light and gets blow from I front of the vacuum cleaner. I have tried the method before an my vacuum cleaner just was not up for the job. After about 10 minutes it just didn’t want to pick up any more. I had to keep leaning out the bag,because the fine power kept clogging up.

Does salt kill fleas?

Does Slat kill FleasIt did work . It was more time consuming than I had anticipated. Never the less if you are looking for a greener way to combat these unwanted pest . Salt will do the job. Although I would recommend trying Borax first. You use it the same,but the clean up is a lot easier and with salt you have to leave it down a lot longer than you would Borax. Either way you are not using hares chemicals in your home and for me that is what I am trying to do.